Here’s just a small selection of comments from the feedback we’ve received:

“As my first time at Salseology I can say it more than lived up to the hype, my expectations were met and surpassed by a mile! Didn’t think I could have more fantastic dances than I did at NYE but I was wrong…Manchester’s best were out in force and the music was sublime!!”



“There are some nights, very few, that leave a forever memory. One that we will look back on in years to come and think ” I remember when I used to dance ” Last night was one of those nights… Thank you.”


“Cracking night!! The best salsology I’ve attended, all credit to Gillian Cross and Martin Cross for a night to remember!!
So many brilliant dancers I lost track of friends not seen for ages (you know who you are ) it seemed the night just flowed with so many great tracks played, great atmosphere can’t wait for next one”



“Beautiful night, 300+ dancers on one beautiful dance floor with exquisite music, was buzzing so much I didn’t get tired driving back”



‘I don’t have enough words, enough adjectives, enough intonation to say how truly, truly happy I am. Salsology was simply amazing from start to finish. Thank you for making me so happy and for every single dance, every fabulous track and every one of the fabulous friends there. Salsology YOU rock!! Beyond Brilliant, it’s stratospheric”



“What a fantastic venue and a wonderful atmosphere. My first time at Salsology, will definitely be going again. Had some lovely dances, great start to the New Year.”



“Superb music, lovely dances and nice to see so many friendly faces, the perfect start to my resolution of getting myself out dancing more!”



“Had a fabulous night on Saturday, it’s amazing how many awesome dancers there are out there! Perfect floor for spinning as well I loved it!”



“Salsology Club Night, Salsa Heaven on Saturday 2nd January 2016 was absolutely fantastic. A great attendance for the class, delightful music, a record-like cracking dancefloor full of amazing dancers who are a joy to dance with, and plenty of friends to catch up with. You have all brightened my day. Thank you everyone.”



“What a start to the new year, cracking night at Salsology , great music, & vibe, seeing so many friends from near & far, my whole body aches from top to toe & just from just one night! Whoop! Thanks Gillian, Martin & team”



“I would have to say last night was just perfect. I had some great dances and silly dances too at Salsology. Great to see some old crew out. I just thought the music was spot on and I just danced the night away. I don’t remember a single dodgy track. It was salsa heaven “



“Awesome night guys! What a great way to start the new year. Thanks to everyone with whom I danced – I really enjoyed every moment of it”



“Wow!! New Years Eve was good but Salsology smashed it outta the park, best night of salsa for 2016 and it’s going to take some serious beating!! Massive thank you to Gillian Cross and Eddie Hunt for keeping the floor on fire all night!!”